woensdag, augustus 02, 2006

"The earliest AIs were dumb as dirt. Or perhaps the better metaphor would be that they were as dumb as early cellular life that was in the dirt. Some of the earliest hypercritters floating in the warm medium of the datasphere--which was also evolving--were 80-byte organisms inserted into a block of RAM in a virtual computer--a computer simulated by a computer. One of the first humans to release such creatures into the datasphere ocean was name Tom Ray and he was not an AI expert or computer programmer or cyberpunk, which they called hackers then--but was a biologist, an insect collect, botanist, and bird-watcher, and somone who had spent years collecting ants in the jungle for a pre-Hegira scientist name E.O. Wilson. . . .The cyberpunks said that evolving and mutating code sequences happened all the time in computers--they were calle bugs and screwed-up programs. They said that if his code sequences evolved into something else they would almost certainly be nonfunctional, nonviable, as most mutations are, and would just foul up the operation of the computer software. So Tom Ray created a virtual computer--a simulated computer within his real computer--for his code-sequenced creations. And then he created an actual 80-byte code-sequence creature that could reproduce, die, and evolve inhis computer-within-computer.